Weaver LLC believes a corporate commitment to Safety is the only way to work.

Safety – the well-being of each person on the job site – evolves naturally as a bi-product of well-defined, efficient work practices that extend from a concerned, involved and ethical management team. Our qualified and competent supervisors transform management’s objectives into reality in the field.

An efficient workflow encompasses:

  • Completing each task successfully
  • Utilizing every available resource
  • Expending the appropriate amount of effort
  • Completing the task in a reasonable amount of time
  • Eliminating the potential for negative consequences

Weaver LLC’s yearly employee training program is formulated to equip our field personnel with the knowledge and on-the-job skills that promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Safety Ratings

Weaver Safety

  • Workers Compensation
  • Experience Modifier
  • 2018 .73
  • 2019 .74
  • 2020 .74
  • 2021 .74
  • 2022 .74

Operator Qualifications

Weaver Operator Qualifications and Contractor Management Platform

  • Veriforce
  • Energy Worldnet
  • ISNetWorld
  • Avetta

Weaver LLC is committed to providing a safe work environment of highly skilled individuals. Weaver LLC utilizes Energy WorldNet, Veriforce, ISNetworld and Avetta to stay compliant with owners we perform work for.